Information about the KEEL

The KEEL is used by various facilities and institutes of Kiel University to experimentally answers a variety of research questions. For instance, laboratory experiments are used in the disciplines of economics to test, improve, and develop new economic theories on human decision-making behavior and their interaction. In the discipline of business administration experimentes are used to investigate decisions in a business context. For instance, laboratory experiments are conducted to examine interaction processes in teams or between managers and their followers under controlled conditions. Such experiments allow to derive implications for science and practice. In the field of marketing research, for example, consumer decisions are the subject of experimental analysis.

As such, laboratory experiments represent an important method for investigating behavior from an economic perspective as well as in the business context. Due to the diversity of research questions, the experiments conducted in the KEEL differ widely. For all experiments conducted in KEEL, participation is voluntary and can be canceled at any time without giving reasons, so that participants do not suffer any disadvantages. All information and data related to the experiments are treated strictly confidential.

Registration for Experiments

If you like to receive invites to future experiments, you can  register via hroot . Registered people will receive invitations to experiments via email. This invitation mail contains a link via which you can register for an appointment if there are free places left. Students of Kiel University please indicate their univeristy email address ( when registering. Since some experiments are only conducted with students, the probability of receiving invitation is higher if the university email address is given.

Feel free to register for upcoming experiments via hroot:

KEEL Premises

The experimental lab consists of a control room, 42 PC workstations (test person booths), two beamers including screens, various table groups with seating as well as a separate interaction lab. The main room can be divided into 2 separate rooms by a partition wall resulting in two rooms with 26 and 16 workstations/booths.

Großer Raum

PC Plätze


The control room is equipped with two server computers with different software.


Server (VWL): Office 2016, Firefox, Chrome, Otree, Ztree, Zoom.


Server (BWL): Office, Firefox, Chrome, Video Sync Pro, Mangold Interact.


Otree, Ztree, Zoom and various browsers are installed on the test persons' client computers.


Beamer remote control, pointer, printer etc. are available, headsets can be borrowed.


You can find out more about the equipment of the team interaction lab under "Team interaction lab".


Team Interaction Lab

A special feature of the laboratory is the possibility of video-based interaction analysis of (group) behavior. Thanks to the latest technical equipment with four permanently installed cameras in a separate experimental room and four mobile cameras in a separable area of the main laboratory room, two groups of up to eight people can be observed simultaneously via the cameras from the control room. The flexible control of the camera allows the recorded video material to be subsequently analyzed using special coding software, thus enabling, for example, group processes that are difficult to observe to be systematically recorded and examined in an innovative way.